Bobby the Bus Driver is arguably the UK's best known bus driving guitar hero, who as well as providing axe and vocal duties for Sack Trick both live and on record also drives buses in Milton Keynes and previously from Croydon all across South London.

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Gene Simmons A**hole CD
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*Top Ten of Bobby's favourite tunes to whistle while driving. The Full listing is of course-

1. Naplam Death- Scum
2. Marillion- Grendel
3. Rush- Cygnus X1 
4. Queensryche- Empire 
5. Kiss- Crazy, Crazy Nights
6. AC/DC- You Shook Me All Night Long
7. Mötley Crüe- Dr Feelgood (The whole album)
8. Dio- Rainbow in the Dark
9. Sack Trick- Alcoholic Bulimia
10. Kiss- I Was Made for Lovin' You 















Whoops! What's this doing here?
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 being sick into a pint glass?