We Caught up with the very affable Bobby the Bus Driver while taking a short tea break between suburban routes.

At what age did you decide you wanted to be a bus driver?
"When I first saw a bus, that would be around 2 years old."

At what age did you decide you wanted to be a guitar hero?
"When I first heard the guitar, that would be when i was still in my mothers' womb."

At what age did you decide you wanted to combine the two?
"When I became a bus driver, back in 1996."

What were your first band experiences, school bands etc?
"I was a cheeseboard player par excellence with a local Greenock band Stranger. We were AMAZING, though not as life altering as Sack Trick (note the crawling and general bum lickery!!!) I had a certain style which I like to describe as glam geordie - black pvc jeans, a day-glo orange shirt and a Brian Johnstone flat cap. Style gurus take note !!!"

What were your first driving experiences, driving tests etc?  
"I'm ashamed to say that I failed my car test on no less than 3 occasions, the 4th being the one I passed (for the arithmeticly challenged (cool, I'm making words and spellings up as I go along)). Needless to say I passed my bus test at the first attempt coz, yes, I'm that good."

Who were your early guitar heroes?
"Brian May, Vinnie Vincent, Eddie Van Halen, Alex Lifeson and Chris DeGarmo. Those of you that have heard me play will notice these influences......................by their absence."

Who were your early bus driving heroes?  
"Reg from On The Buses ... obviously."

Why the move from Croydon buses to Milton Keynes Buses? The Uniform? The Routes? The views?  
"A combination of all three really, although I do miss the nice navy blue Arriva blazer."

I heard your fiancée was a bus driver too, is it a family trade? 
"It was fate that our routes merged and that's probably why you were waiting half an hour for a bus that night."

You are one of the pioneers of the Rock/Public Transport crossover movement, how does it feel to see young ticket collectors following your trend?  
"I tend to give freely my advice when asked. No we don't go to the town centre, I'm sorry the bus is late, I was abducted by aliens....... that sort of thing, but if you want to combine your career in public transport with that of a guitar god, then I say .......sod off, I thought of it first. Only kidding!!  Any young conductor or driver who wants to combine the two  and looks to me as a role model, then I'm chuffed to bits."

Can you explain why it is that three buses always seem to arrive at the same time?  
"The space/time continuem is a very strange one indeed (as is my spelling) it's not that they all arrive at the same time, it's the bosses fault for providing us drivers with timetables that encompass several time zones, that and the aforementioned alien abductions."

And finally how do you see your path in Rock/Public Transport progressing?  
"I would like my path to be made of those nice white round pebbles you see in posh people's driveways. Then I would know that I've been successful."

Thank you very much for your time Bobby, and can I have a single to the town centre please?
"Certainly sir, that's 70p please."

Bobby sure Rocks!