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This band could go far, but they sing songs about frozen desserts,
so they won’t!


Sack Trick Discography
We've made quite a few records but we've only released three of them. We didn't really finish the others.
Sack Trick - (Music from the) Mystery Rabbits  
The debut Sack Trick album was conceived as an experiment in social awareness within small urbanised communities perceived through the eyes of two young rabbits. But instead of that we just ended up making a silly record for the fun of it. It really was a breath of fresh air (for the metaphorical rabbits). Metal Hammer said it was "like the funk rock record Frank Zappa and Monty Python never made". Highlights include "I Play Bass", "No Tomatoes for Me Thanks" and the epic "Blue Ice Cream"

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Sack Trick - Penguins on The Moon

Our second album was a concept album telling the story of four penguins who went to the Moon and what they encountered there. It's accompanied by a full colour comic strip booklet that tells of their adventures. The album was frequently mistaken for genius- "this is a work of utter genius; an instant classic" (Kerrang!), "Brilliantly written, brilliantly performed, an album that deserves the title essential" (Rock Sound), "An off the wall, never repeated masterpiece" (Metal Hammer). Highlights include "All I Want is Fish", "We're On Our Way Back (To Live in the Snow)" and the title track "Penguins on the Moon"

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Sack Trick - Tin of Chickens

This album was so bad there was no way we could let you hear it. Honestly just a waste of time. I wonder why we even thought any of it might be worthwhile. Some of the moments you luckily missed were "Samantha and the Panther", "When Kiss Play Rock and Roll" and a cover of Ratt's "You Think You're Tough". UNRELEASED
Sack Trick - Magnets and Tuna  
As opposed to the Chickens album, this album was so good that we couldn't let you hear it. It might have put you off music in general thereafter. Some of the song titles included "Anything to Be Famous", "Doing it all for Jesus" and of course the title track "Magnets". UNRELEASED
Sack Trick - Sheep in Kiss Make-Up  
This was a Kiss tribute album we released a while back. People went crazy about it -"I'd give it 10 out of 10, more than superlatives can describe" (Kiss FAQ), "the greatest covers album of all time" (Classic Rock) even Bruce Kulick himself emailed us to say how much he'd enjoyed it. Highlights included a Spanish Waiter singing "I'm a Legend Tonight", a Cornish Fisherman singing "War Machine" and a cover version of the whole of "The Elder".

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Sack Trick - Lobster Lounge  
This was an acoustic EP we started recording but then kind of stopped. Who on earth wants an acoustic EP?, we thought. Stupid idea. So we binned it. It was all because we'd been watching Kiss Unplugged too much. Highlights would have included "Alcoholic Bulimia (with Bobby the Bus Driver on lead vocals)", "Microwave Swingheart" and the original version of the "Boy Who Talked to Tigers". UNRELEASED
Sack Trick - Live in Tokyo with a Tiger  
Then we thought we'd do a proper live album. A really good one, like all our heroes make... a live album in a studio, just like all the best live albums ever! So as it was an imaginary gig we could do whatever we wanted. We thought we'd have it in an arena in Tokyo, with loads of fans, we'd have two drummers, we'd have pyro, we'd have a live tiger onstage and we'd have the best setlist ever including new versions of hits such as "I Play Bass", "Penguins on the Moon" and "Blue Ice Cream" as well as never heard before songs such as "The Boy Who Talked to Tigers", "Belgium" and "Age of the Dinosaurs". This is an album we're definitely going to release. Sometime. Probably. AS YET
Sack Trick - The Curse of the Legend of the Nightmare Voodoo Mice  
This is a horror themed album. We tried to make it as scary as possible. This is one that we might one day actually record. Who knows, eh? Some of the highlights include "The Brother of Frankenstein", "Pixies on my Bass" and "Fruit Lycanthropy".


Sack Trick - Sheep in Kiss Make Up Volume 2  
At this point you'll know we have finally run out of ideas entirely. This will be an album covering songs songs from Animalize onwards, taking them apart and putting them back together with barely a care for artistic values. Not worth the plastic it'll be printed on. Highlights will include "Tears Are Falling" sung underwater, "Silver Spoon" sung with a spoon in the vocalists mouths and "Trial By Fire" sung naturally while on fire (we've not found any volunteers for that part).